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  • Removing .svn folders from project

    A loft of times some people send me project with subversion, and when you  upload to production, sometime you don't want upload .svn folder, looking for in google i found this. A good miracle command for me XD, and sure a stupid command for a lot of people.

    rsync -r --exclude=.svn /home/user/progname/ /home/user/progname.copy

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  • Segmentation and feature extraction. Contours and blob detection.

    In BasiOCR tutorial i explain  how to preprocess, extract features and clasify a handwritten number, and a lot of people ask me how to segment an image where contains several numbers or objects.

    In this tutorial I want explain how to segment an image and detect each object inside image, in this tutorial we can detect objects from plate (the numbers) or each object draw into a paper.

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  • OpenCV and CMake

    From OpenCV 2.1 version we can use CMake to create and manage our OpenCV projects.

    CMake is a cross-platform and open-source build system, and it's used to control our compilation process, using a simple text files for define compilation process with independent platform and compiler.

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  • CvFileStorage. How to save our custom structures with OpenCV functions


    In this tutorial we go to show how to save our custom structures with opencv functions.

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  • Pseudocolor implementation with OpenCV.

    In Computer Vision works in a lot of cases with gray images because there are a lot of motives. But human vision don't perceives the gray levels so well as color levels.

    Then if we need show a image to a person, we can color it. But, how is the best way to coloring gray image?

    There are 3 ways to do it: Manually, automatically and colored by ranges.

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