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Sunday, December 21, 2008

BlenderOcv, "blender" can be good and powerful tool for computer vision with OpenCV

This is the question: can be Blender a powerful tool for computer vision with OpenCv.

Blender is now a powerful suite of 3d content creation, where have a various characteristich as animation, composit, shade, model, texture, interactive ... And OpenCV is ga powerful realtime library for computer Vision.

Then my goal is provide a new and powerfull tool based on Blender for Computer Vision Tasks with OpenCV Library.

How?, with a particular characteristic of Blender, the compositor node.

Nodes are a good tool that provide a user interactive, each node is a box with inputs and outputs that implement a function. Each node have interactive parameters that user can be set.

Published: By: David Millán Escrivá - 10:57 PM